An Indiana Football Hall of Fame coach, Scott Bovenkerk has always had a passion for music and entertaining.  He's an experienced public address announcer, sports radio commentator, and now, the most in-demand event DJ in South Bend.


...the DJ is the quarterback, but you are the coach!


...the quarterback represents the team - always looking his best and being a good role model.  With that in mind - your music will be profanity free.


...what play to call next, or what song will get people onto the dance floor.  He knows when to audible, or change things up when a quick change of pace is needed.


...preparation is the key to success.  Together, he'll work with you on the playbook, or song list, to ensure he plays what you want to hear. to listen to the coach and just play.  You can expect Bov to play great music and keep the chatter to a minimum - or a level of involvement you request. are there to be entertained - we want your guests to have a great time.